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Bulk Thinking Putty


Bulk Thinking Putty

Buy Thinking Putty in bulk and stock your whole office, classroom, or house! Your children, coworkers, or students will thank you!

Made in the USA.

Bulk putty is packed in resealable plastic containers, 1 lb each.

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BULK 1lb Bag of Strange Attractor

Deep black with subtle green sparkles, this Thinking Putty has a mind of its own. Near a powerful magnet it comes alive! You'll be mesmerized by the invisible forces at play.
BULK 1lb Bag of Strange Attractor  ST100 - $36.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Quicksilver

An awesome silver color with dark streaks throughout, this slightly stiffer Thinking Putty has a mind of its own. Near a powerful magnet it comes alive more powerfully than ever before!
BULK 1lb Bag of Quicksilver  QS100 - $36.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Tidal Wave

Soothing iridescent blue reveals ripples of magnetic field lines after engulfing a super strong magnet. Soft, pliable, and surprisingly strong magnetic putty will have you sailing the electromagnetic waves.
BULK 1lb Bag of Tidal Wave  TD100 - $36.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Reactive Razz

Luscious, raspberry red with a kick! This soft magnetic putty attracts and repels a super strong magnet.
BULK 1lb Bag of Reactive Razz  RR100 - $36.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Ion

You'll swear you can see the electrons buzzing around -- generating this icy blue glow. An extraterrestial turquoise glows all night long. Dim the lights, zone out, and enjoy a soothing, hypnotic experience.
BULK 1lb Bag of Ion  IO100 - $32.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Gunmetal Graphite

A dark sheen makes this putty monochrome and emotionless.
BULK 1lb Bag of Gunmetal Graphite  GG100 - $28.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Black

Often requested, black and mysterious, this Thinking Putty definitely sets your mood. Feeling angry? Take it out on some Black Thinking Putty!
BULK 1lb Bag of Black  BA100 - $28.00

BULK 1lb Bag of Coral

Slightly harder than other Thinking Putty. This is the true original. For those with strong hands or lovers of the classics.
BULK 1lb Bag of Coral  CC100 - $24.00
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