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Custom Thinking Putty Tins

Custom Thinking Putty Tins

Customize Thinking Putty for Marketing Gifts, Promotional Toys, and as a Corporate Give Away!

Crazy Aaron can customize Thinking Putty as an awesome marketing gift. Available in a variety of packages, colors, and price points, it is sure to make your next promotion a success!

Need a promotional gift for your next marketing event, trade show, or sales meeting?

Why not offer something more substantial than another specialty pen, mug, or t-shirt?

If you are a sales distributor, please take a look at our client-friendly promotional website.

Thinking Putty is unique among promotional toys. It will be seen, played with, and obsessed about by co-workers, family, friends, and acquaintances.

  • Thinking Putty is an incredible ice-breaker and conversation starter. Put people at ease during meetings, job interviews, and sales calls. As Thinking Putty becomes the topic of conversation, your company will be named as the source of these cool marketing gifts!
  • Thinking Putty--there's nothing SILLY about it. Recipients play with their Thinking Putty stress toys CONSTANTLY! They'll bring it with them to meetings, off-site events, even family events...carrying your corporate image with them! They'll use it as a stress ball, hand exerciser, sculpting medium, and more. And they'll leave it on their desk with a large, full color process logo or slogan with your company name for all to see!
  • Made in the USA. Thinking Putty is manufactured entirely in the USA from top shelf materials sourced from industry leading vendors. We take product purity and regulatory compliance very seriously. Additional information is happily provided upon request.

  • Thinking Putty's attractive, metal tins offer a large printable area for corporate messages, slogans, logos, website addresses, or anything else you need to communicate. They make the perfect promotional toys!
  • Thinking Putty is not your father's bland-mono-toned-tiny-morsel-crammed-into-a-tiny-plastic-egg putty. Thinking Putty comes in BIG, grown-up handfuls and can be made to match your corporate colors!

Thinking Putty lets you stand out amongst all the branded clutter! Give the marketing gift that will be USED and TALKED ABOUT.

Everyone has t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pens. Differentiate yourself by using an engaging and interactive promotional toy that really highlights your image!

So, what makes Thinking Putty better than all those other promotional products?

  • Thinking Putty offers multiple areas for you to communicate your message in FULL COLOR:
    • Top - logo, message, slogan
    • Side - url, slogan, tagline
    • Bottom - contact information, extended copy, philosophy, any additional info
  • Thinking Putty's stress relieving qualities make it practically addictive. It actively engages your prospects because they'll be using your marketing gift for months and months!
  • Thinking Putty lets you deliver a message far more powerfully than a one color imprint, engraving, or black overstrike.
  • Thinking Putty's metal tins suggest value and make it psychologically difficult to throw away or, worse, file in a desk drawer.
  • Thinking Putty has no minimum order size, no art charges, and no set ups!
  • Thinking Putty itself can be PMS matched to your corporate colors.
  • Thinking Putty is UNIQUE and breaks through the clutter of promotional specialties!

Thinking Putty is perfect for:

  • Breaking the ice on sales calls and group meetings
  • Generating buzz at conferences and events
  • Giving a "Thank You" marketing gift to customers and clients
  • Having people remember you at parties, events, and celebrations

Have questions? Need pricing? Want to find out more?

Call us at 866-578-2845. We're happy to answer your questions, put you in touch with a promotional products distributor, and offer more information!

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