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Halloween Colors


Halloween Colors

This year for Halloween, we are rolling out two limited edition Halloween Thinking Putty colors!

These special Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty colors will scare the pants right off you! For an even spookier Halloween, Crazy Aaron cooked up a special Thinking Putty Creature that you can use to scare all of the little monsters in your life.

Snap them up while supplies last...

Made in the USA!

Each tin of Jack O'Lantern is packed with 1/5lb of Thinking Putty, while each tin of Witch's Brew Thinking Putty Creature is hand packed with more than 1/8lb of Thinking Putty AND two big creature eyes!


Ectoplasm is a paranormal green that glows a speckled green in the dark. Translucent and eerie in daylight, it makes a perfect Trick OR Treat!
Ectoplasm  EP020 - $14.00

Jack O'Lantern

A pumpkin-y orange Thinking Putty with Halloween gold glitter to make it shine, this Jack O'Lantern has a few surprises in store for you on Halloween night!
Jack O'Lantern  JL020 - $13.50

Witch's Brew

This glow in the dark limited edition Thinking Putty Creature is back for Halloween! Comes with two large creature eyes for an extra treat!
Witch's Brew  PC012-WB - $12.00
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