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What to Do with Super Magnetic Thinking Putty

What to Do with Super Magnetic Thinking Putty

The Incredible *Magnetic* Solid Liquid

Our Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is really mesmerizing stuff. Each tin contains millions of micron-sized micromagnets embedded into the Thinking Putty. They are just waiting for the chance to strut their stuff. While other types of Thinking Putty are totally awesome, our Super Magnetic simply blows the rest away!

All of the experiments we do with our Super Magnetic Thinking Putty were performed with the same magnet you get from us. When you purchase a tin of Strange Attractor, Quicksilver, Tidal Wave, or Reactive Razz, just take your magnet out of the tin and you'll be able to replicate everything you see here.

Can't see the video above? Check it out on YouTube!

What Can Super Magnetic Thinking Putty Do?

It Envelops a Magnet!

Place a magnet on your Super Magnetic Thinking Putty and in 5-10 minutes, it's gone. Swallowed by soft and pliable Thinking Putty, the magnet serves as fuel for the putty. As it grows stronger, it becomes more confident until the putty turns against humans everywhere!

It Repulses and then Attracts!

Once your Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is 'charged', it has magnetic poles like any other magnet. One side will attract and one side will repel. Unlike other magnets, Super Magnetic Thinking Putty can play both sides. After repelling for a few seconds, it flips and instantly starts to attract. This makes for lots of fun with a magnet in one hand and your Thinking Putty in the other.

It Picks Up Paperclips!

Draw out a strand of Thinking Putty about finger thickness and stick the magnet on the end. After about 5-10 seconds, the end of the putty will lock in to the magnetic field. Take the magnet away and try to pick up a few paperclips. I've gotten as many as four chained together in a long string. Keep in mind that you'll slightly magnetize the paperclips themselves. When that happens, one end will refuse to be picked up, but the other end will be more easily lifted.

It Lifts Magnets off the Table

Put a magnet next to a blob of Super Magnetic Thinking Putty and it will cover the magnet over time. But then it also does more. The magnet will be lifted off the table and moved into the center of the putty ball which forms. If it sits for an hour or two, you'll notice the surface gets bumpy and stays that way. These are the magnetic field lines emerging from the putty surface. Similar effects can be seen using a less viscous ferrofluid.

It Sucks Up To The Boss!

This Super Magnetic Thinking Putty sure knows how to suck up to the boss. Hold your magnet up above the putty, pull out a strand of putty, and the putty will be drawn up the strand up against the magnet. If you get your thickness and length just right, you can transfer a large amount of the putty lump onto the magnet with this method.

If you want to try Super Magnetic Thinking Putty with stronger magnets, you'll get more powerful effects. You can purchase more powerful magnets a third party website, but please note that these larger magnets are accidents waiting to happen. These things are STRONG!! Dangerously strong...like bone crunchingly strong. I HIGHLY recommend EXTREME caution when using them. All of us at Puttyworld thought they were just so neat and then--SNAP!--they ripped off a chunk of Elizabeth's finger. They also wedged into her long hair and it had to be cut out. Please...safety first! And remember that magnets are not toys and are not for use by children.

I know there are some hard-core experimenters out there with serious electro-magnet setups. If you have an idea for an incredible experiment, just let me know! I'd love to see what serious power could do to our Super Magnetic Thinking Putty.

Any Questions? If you've got any idea for how to use Super Magnetic Thinking Putty, I'd love to know! Just email me at crazyaaron@puttyworld.com.

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