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Metallic Colors


Metallic Colors

Crazy Metallic colors that you can mold!

Are you a fan of Metallic colors like gold and silver? Metallic Thinking Putty looks like molten metal oozing in your hand. Stretch, twist, and tear this Thinking Putty and watch their colors shine.

Made in the USA.

Each metal tin is hand packed with 1/5 lb of Thinking Putty, much more than you get in a plastic egg!

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Lustrous Bronze

The most popular Metallic color, Lustrous Bronze endlessly marblizes and sparkles as you play with it. The best stress reliever or toy you will ever find!
Lustrous Bronze  LB020 - $10.00

Brilliant Gold

Sparkling and shimmering in the light, this Brilliant Gold Thinking Putty really catches your eye. Try this golden stress relieving putty and live the high life!
Brilliant Gold  BG020 - $10.00

Gunmetal Graphite

A dark sheen makes Gunmetal Graphite Thinking Putty seem monochrome and emotionless at first glance. A closer view reveals a rainbow of multi-color sparkling which blends to create a stunning gunmetal grey.
Gunmetal Graphite  GG020 - $10.00

Shiny Silver

Shiny Silver mirrors your true personality. Its metallic sheen will impress and surprise you. Bright, flashy, and guaranteed to get noticed!
Shiny Silver  SS020 - $10.00

Real Gold - 24 Karat

This SPECIAL EDITION Thinking Putty contains not less than one gram of pure, powdered 24 karat gold! It possesses a unique golden hue possible only from the rare precious metal in its purest form. Packaged in a special gold hued tin with metallic printing, it is guaranteed to stand apart from all other putties. Go for the Gold!
Real Gold - 24 Karat  RG020 - $250.00
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