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  • "I LOVE CRAZY AARON'S PUTTY! These people are great - they send the product very quickly - and the product is fantastic! This is the third time I've bought this product for gifts and everyone who has received them loves them!! I LOVE CRAZY AARON'S PUTTY!!" - M. Davis, San Francisco, CA

  • "The products are wonderful and the people are even better! I have purchased over and over again from Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld and will continue to do so! The Thinking Putty is the best ever and the people make it special. It is more like getting your friends to send you what you want than dealing with a retailer. Cannot recommend them highly enough! Go buy some putty from them, right now!" - Satin, CO

  • "Excellent experience and excellent products. Putty is a blast! Krypton putty so bright when exposed to light you can read by it! Color-changing putting is also a lot of fun. Makes a great "stress ball". Not just for kids." - Steve, Appleton, WI

  • "Not only is the product incredibly fun, but when I sent a note to say how happy I was with my putty, Aaron himself replied within just a few hours. Personal attention like that is priceless beyond measure!" - J. Peterson, New Hope, MN

  • "This is a great product. My department has purchased over 4lbs of different types of putty. We are in a high stress IT department in corporate america and this product helps to relieve our stress. It works well. People who I would not consider to be putty players have been having a blast playing and shaping the putty. I am going to purchase some of this for friends and family for christmas. I love it all." - M. Behrens, Valencia, CA

  • "I was looking on another site and saw an ad that I thought was a joke--who would name a business Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld? So I clicked and found it! It actually existed and it produced a product that I wanted! I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my hands and have been looking for something to help with that morning stiffness. Crazy Aaron's putty is just the thing I needed, effective and FUN! I ordered 4 tins and plan to give some as gifts to others that I know that have arthritis in their hands as well. I can't wait to have them share in my pain relief!" - V. Hohenberger, Conway, AR

  • "I bought 8 cans of thinking putty for a department retreat. I got immediate e-mail confirmation, as well as a personal e-mail response to something I had noted in the comment section of the order form. The order arrived promptly and correct. I love the fact that there's not a huge s/h charge--just the cost of what it takes to get your order to you!" - K. Rutter, Westerville, OH

  • "I got a big pile of crazy putty in a beautiful tin. It's perfect to have at a meeting to keep my hands from doodling (unprofessional). It warms up and gets easier and easier to mold into different shapes. I got more than I expected!" - K. Simmons, Olympia, WA

  • "Hows that for a speedy delivery: I placed the order on a Friday and the merchandise was delivered to me on Monday or Tuesday the following week. What's the big deal? you think. Well, the fact is that I live in Brisbane, Australia. My friend and I are truly delighted with the putty and it's a big hit with our colleagues in the office. Some are thinking about ordering some as well. You never know, Crazy Aaron's might succeed with his plan of taking over the world..." - P. Sepkow, Brisbane, Australia

  • "Not only is the product fabulous, but I consider three days for airmail postage to the UK something of a miracle - I have waited for far longer for orders to arrive from UK online stores. That's Christmas sorted then!" - S. Brunton, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

  • "This stuff is fabulous! What a great creative outlet at work. It has healing powers, I swear!" - L. Yarbrough, Austin, TX

  • "What can I say..!!!!! This guy is fantastic..!!! I even chose the wrong shipping for someone that lives in the UK, but he knew that I was just being an ass and sent it correctly anyway, and waiting only 3 or 4 days for something to ship from the US is mad, considering there are enough companies here in the UK who can even deliver in that timescale :) And the actual product, WOW, loads and loads of people I have shown it to say they are going to order some as they are amazed at the complete oddness of it all :) thanks Aaron ;) P.S anyone who reads this needs to know, their life will not be full and happy as it can be until they have at least 1 pound of Crazy Aarons thinking putty..!!!!!" - L. Savage, Garden City, United Kingdom

  • "I received my products promptly and as expected. I have been very pleased with the way my order was handled, and, as a nice touch, a personal note of thanks from the person that processed the order (Wendy, I believe) was written on the invoice. I felt that my business was appreciated and I would order from them again. Overall, I was impressed with Aaron's Putty World and have recommended it to many of my friends. Oh yeah...and the putty is pretty cool." - J. Peabody, Atlanta, GA

  • "A friend works for a chemical plant that manufactures chemicals for Crazy Aaron's puttyworld. He gave me a can of metallic lava putty, and I loved it. I went to their web site, and found the glow in the dark putty, and broke out my credit card instantly. The web site was easily navigated, fast Shipping, and a great product. P.S. don't put the putty on your chest and make it look like a big mold, it's a @#$%##$ to get out of your hair." - J. Bennett, Waxhaw, NC

  • "The product is awesome, and the service was great. My order reciept came with a hand-written and signed note from the owner of the company, and I could not imagine better customer service. A+, five stars, on a scale of one to ten...eleven." - C. Brigham, Peoria, AZ

  • "Every time I sent Aaron an email, he responded right away. I had some questions about the size and glowing longevity of the product and he answered all my questions to the fullest. No form letters...hand written thank-you's come with the product. Shipping was fast. Cool Tattoo." - C. Shatzoff, Norfolk, VA

  • "I meant to e-amail you. My wife and I love your putty. It has saved our marriage. Let me explain. My wife and I would have horrible fights over my friends. She didn't like one in particular. Everytime he came over to our house, he broke something. He was always playing around with our stuff, and inevitably he would break something. Well, when I saw your website I just had to buy some putty. Needless to say everytime my friend comes over, as soon as he walks in the door, I hand him a tin of putty. He doesn't break anything, and my wife doesn't yell as much." - A. Oakden, Bloomington, IN

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