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Primary Colors


Primary Colors

These colors might look basic, but they are so much more...

Here you can find lots of hot, bright, and playful colors!

Made in the USA.

Each metal tin is hand packed with 1/5 lb of Thinking Putty, much more than you get in a plastic egg!

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Both calming and stimulating, Purple Thinking Putty relieves stress and adds fun to your home or work. A favorite Puttyworld color.
Purple  PU020 - $10.00


A soothing Blue that melts your stress away. One of our most popular primary colors!
Blue  BL020 - $10.00


This angry Red Thinking Putty helps you vent your frustrations and get your aggression out! It means business.
Red  RE020 - $10.00


Orange Thinking Putty is perfect for making pumpkins and other Halloween sculptures! Bright and colorful, it's fun to stretch and mold every time.
Orange  OR020 - $10.00

Hot Pink

A perfect bubble gum pink! Use it to lift your mood. This color is playful!
Hot Pink  HP020 - $10.00


Makes the perfect egg yolk when sculpted with white. Bright and happy!
Yellow  YE020 - $10.00


Black and mysterious, this Thinking Putty definitely sets your mood. Its deep color lets you sink your anger, frustration, and stress into its inky blackness.
Black  BA020 - $10.00
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