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2008 Thinking Putty Sculpture Contest Entries

2008 Thinking Putty Sculpture Contest Entries

I've received a lot of awesome entries to the 2008 sculpture competition. Some of the best entries were home-made movies about putty and time-lapse animations.

Unlike fired clay, all sculptures made from Thinking Putty have a smooth, Dali-esque, melted quality. If you take advantage of this trait in your designs you can create some really amazing shapes!

The 2008 Sculpture Contest Winners ARE:

"Seven Wonders of
The Toy World"
by Deborah Penley

"Sunny & Ion"
by Julian and Lucia Vidal

"Scarab Beetle"
by Thomas Kim

All entries for 2008 are shown below. Thanks to everyone for entering our contest! Everyone who entered will receive a prize.

"Putty Face"
by Alex Learoyd

"Spider & Web"
by Alison Kelley

"Glowing Porcupine"
by Bryan Carter

by Bryan Carter

"Christmas Tree"
by Cheryl Fish

"Thinking Putty Song"
by Isabella Jorissen

"Magic Putty"
by Dan Mackensie

"Putty Story"
by Elaine Kudalis

by James Hughes

"Dinosaur Feeding"
by Janina Stangebye

"Wye Haw"
by Joel Wong

"Crazy Aaron"
by Kristen Hauter

"Half Face"
by Keegan Jordan

"The World"
by Matt Henry

"My Face"
by Robin Bailey

"Magnetic Hand"
by Stevens Lavigne

"Putty Making Putty"
by Stevens Lavigne

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