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The Ultimate Stress Toy!

The Ultimate Stress Toy!

Discover Thinking Putty! It's the perfect desk toy, stress toy, and stress reliever! Become the most popular person at your work or school by stretching, squeezing, bouncing, and amazing all your friends.

Reduce Your Stress and have fun doing it...

Go Ahead... Stretch It! Bounce It! Shape It! Tear It! Shatter It!

Before Thinking Putty I was so STRESSED OUT!  Now that I've got some, I'm much happier.
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is the ultimate stress toy!

"What a terrific stress reliever! I thoroughly love Thinking Putty and I play with it every day! I'll be at my computer reading inane work memos and I find myself kneading away at the stuff without even realizing."
  - Bob Irwin, Norman, OK

"I LOVE MY PUTTY!!! It's true! I do! I bought one for a friend at work, and we use them all the time to relieve stress, excercise our hands, and annoy our friends and co-workers. I plan to order several more colors myself...to suit my every mood!"
  - Tera Lacy, Spokane, WA

"I keep my tin of Thinking Putty by my desk in my room. When I'm doing my homework I pull it out and it totally keeps me focused. I swear my assignments are better when I have Thinking Putty with me while I'm working!"
  - Liam Hunter, Philadelphia, PA

Discover Thinking Putty in Incredible Colors!

Thinking Putty is perfect for...


"I find your product to be a positive influence in business meetings, I LOVE THINKING PUTTY!employee morale, and stress relief from 'political moments.' I hope to be able to turn more people on to your product."
- M. Durbin, Los Alamos, NM

A Desk Toy for Work...

"I only have one problem with your product, I need to order more! I LOVE THINKING PUTTY!Everyone steals it when they are around and I'm left with no stress relief. My favorite color is blue, and its such a bright blue (it instills tranquility) and I always feel a calm come over me when I use it."
- Michael McGurty, Wheeling, WV

Whether you're stressed at home, school, or work, why not try an adult-sized handful of soothing Thinking Putty?

Use Thinking Putty to relieve STRESS almost anywhere!

On the phone...

"I work in a call center and I'm on the I LOVE THINKING PUTTY!phone ALL DAY. If I didn't have my Lilac Thinking Putty I'd never be able to keep my cool with all the crazy and insane questions I get every day! Plus, my hands get lots of exercise."
- Maggie Owens, Patuxent, MD

In the car...

"I keep a bit of Thinking Putty I LOVE THINKING PUTTY!in my purse for stress-related 'emergencies' in the car. I just play with the putty while I'm driving. Sometimes I hand it back to my kids if they're driving me nuts. As for some in the office who didn't order the putty, I think they may have 'putty envy.' Thanks!"
- Julie Rausch, Wichita, KS

Just pick the soothing color that's perfect for YOU!

If you're still not sure, why not try our 100% satisfaction guarantee?

If you aren't 100% delighted with your Thinking Putty purchase, your entire charge will be refunded to you INCLUDING THE COST OF SHIPPING! That's right. If you're not happy, it won't cost you a single penny! We will process your refund promptly and securely. No run around, no hassle.

"Shipping was fast, the product is *wonderful* and I'll definitely be ordering again for all my friends :-)"
- Patrick McCuller, Fairfax, VA

Find out why Thinking Putty is the ultimate stress toy!

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