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Super Magnetics

Our Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is so unique and has mind-blowing awesome magnetic properties!

When Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is stretched, molded, or shaped, the putty has no magnetic charge and behaves like any other Thinking Putty. However, in the presence of a magnetic field, its magnetic forces begin to align. Suddenly, a truly Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is created that will attract to one magnetic pole and repel from the other.

Made in USA!

Each metal tin is hand packed with 1/5 lb of Thinking Putty, much more than in a plastic egg! You'll also find a super strong large ceramic magnet in each tin.

Want an extra magnet? We have that too!

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Tidal Wave with Magnet

Soothing blue reveals ripples of magnetic field lines after engulfing its magnet. Soft and surprisingly strong magnetic putty will have you sailing the electromagnetic waves.
Tidal Wave with Magnet  TD020 - $15.00

Strange Attractor with Magnet

Deep black with subtle green sparkles, Strange Attractor Super Magnetic Thinking Putty has a mind of its own. Near a powerful magnet it comes alive!
Strange Attractor with Magnet  ST020-2013 - $15.00

Reactive Razz with Magnet

Luscious, raspberry red with a kick! This soft magnetic putty attracts and repels its included magnet. Its subtle shimmer is sure to brighten your spirits as it crawls towards any magnetic field.
Reactive Razz with Magnet  RR020 - $15.00

Quicksilver with Magnet

An awesome silver color with dark streaks throughout, put this Super Magnetic Thinking Putty near a powerful magnet and it comes alive more powerfully than ever before!
Quicksilver with Magnet  QS020-2013 - $15.00
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